I know it’s frustrating when we see other black women with thick, bouncy, healthy curls. We often times wonder why can they get such tight define curls while some of us are struggling to retain hair moisture and have uneven curl patterns. Unfair right? No, it’s not queens we all are unique and different, SIMILAR not IDENTICAL. Remember that! Now let’s get into details about what works for each hair types. I handed out several questionnaires to several black women all with different hair textures ranging from 3a to 4c curls. They all have different hair textures, routines and use different products which complement their hair pattern.

First, before we go in-depth remember it’s important to know the porosity and density of your hair, this will determine what moisturizer works best for you. The density of your hair refers to how thin or thick your hair strand is. It can be examined by taking a look at your hair in its natural state to see if you can notice your scalp without sectioning your hair. If your scalp can barely be seen its high density and if your scalp is easily seen its low density.

Your hair porosity determines how easily your hair retains and absorb moisture. The most popular way to test this is by placing a clean strand of hair in a cup of water for about 1-2 mins to determine if it’s floating or not. If it sinks you have high density if it floats you have low density.

After learning the two most important aspects of your hair you proceed with a fixed hair routine. The LOCS method is all you need to retain moisture and stimulate hair growth. This method includes liquid or leave in moisturizer, oil, cream, sealant. Remember I am vaguely stating the four steps most of us need to take in order to see progress. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

Model: Megan Gerald


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