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BLACK SEED(Nigella Sativa):The Islam secret to “The remedy for all disease except death”

An elder African friend of mine called Ibrahim was the one who introduced me to this plant. He took half a handful and ate it in front of me stating “It’s good sister!”

Black seed is native to Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe. This seed helps to cure almost everything ranging from the simple flu to high cholesterol. Black seed is also known as “Black Cumin” and can also be found in liquid form (Black seed oil). This herb has been used for centuries and goes beyond ancient, biblical times. According to personal research, I was told that one teaspoon daily is recommended for good health.

Black seed has three natural chemicals which happen to be super beneficial for the human body: Thymol, Thymoquinone (TQ) and Thymohydroquinone (THQ).

Thymol is known for its extremely good antifungal properties.

TQ is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

THQ is known for its active chemicals found in the brain, treating enzyme activities which can lead to autism, dementia etc.

This can be found at any Halal market or at your local health store.

Black seed/Black seed oil can be used to treat the following: 

•Increase breast milk

•Start menstruation

•Pink eye






•Cancer treatment (Stage 1 & 2)

•Lowering cholesterol

•Lowering blood pressure

•Immunity Booster

•Intestinal Worms

•Kills superbugs

•Lowers sugar level

•Liver Health

•Promote healthy skin & hair

And the list goes on…

Black seed is NOT to be taken while pregnant for it may cause side effects.


6 thoughts on “BLACK SEED(Nigella Sativa):The Islam secret to “The remedy for all disease except death”

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