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It was a Sunday morning in the month of October I started my blog. I sat on my wooden stool with my glass flask filled with hot lemon water. I began starring at a 10 ft tree that was preparing itself beautifully for the colder months to come. Warm and still was the way the air felt and I felt extremely happy to be alive. That’s when the question and this idea came to mind. I asked myself “Am I living or existing?” I really had to sit and think! I couldn’t answer the question off the top of my head. After pondering I answered existing! Existing? I asked a second time with a quicker response and yes I was not only thinking out loud I was also talking out loud. It instantly gave me motivation, yes motivation! I needed to stop then and there, I needed to turn existing into existence and ask myself how do I start living and make a mark of my existence? I needed to start working, working extremely hard and decrease the amount of time I spent being distracted by others who’ve already made their existence known or those who don’t even think of making a mark. I was caught up being distracted by mainstream media and social media.

We have 24 hours within a day so many hours to finish a task, a goal, a mission whatever you want to name it but what do most of us do? Sleep for approximately 8 hours, leaving us with 16 hours. If we have a 9 to 5  or even a 5  to 1 job that’s 8 more hours deducted from the 24 hours each of us has every day. That’s a total of 16 hours and we’re left with 8 hours to spare. Out of that 8 remaining hours, we can devote a minimum of 2 hours to work towards our accomplishments. Isn’t that enough to make a start, I think it was for me.If you have more FREE time hooray to you. If we dedicate a minimum of 2 hours a day and make a start we’ll definitely be rewarded in the long run. All it took me was 2 hours out of my day towards achieving success. That was the beginning of this young island girl blog called IFYouKnowNessa.



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