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Is Moringa Considered To Be An Electric Food?

Before I start ranting about health and wellness lets define the term ‘Electric Food.’ Electric Foods are foods that support the genetic materials of our body producing a very high amount of energy. Our body receives energy from the sun and from electric foods which make electrolytes such as calcium and other nutrients which also aids with distributing energy throughout the body. So to answer the question above, YES moringa is an electric food filled with iron, double the iron that spinach supplies the human body with.

Iron is very significant to maintain a healthy functioning system. The primary role of iron is to transport oxygen throughout the body, it is also responsible for fighting off infections. If your iron level is normal-high it’s merely impossible to become ill. If your iron level is low that means you have a low blood platelet /count and that you’re susceptible to get sick easily and become anemic.

Moringa can be used to purify your drinking water, it increases the healing process of bone fractures, and lowers blood pressure levels along with blood sugar levels. This superfood is filled with minerals and vitamins, fiber, proteins, zinc, and healthy heart fat (monounsaturated fats). Moringa leaves balances out the amount of acidity within the body which neutralizes the digestive fluids minimizing your chances of ulcer in the stomach. This leaf contains antimicrobial and antibacterial agents and is effective against microbes such as salmonella which causes disease.

Ways to use Moringa

Boil the moringa leaf and make a refreshing nutritious herbal tea.

Add Moringa powder to shakes, juices, soups.

Add Moringa seeds to drinking water.

One thought on “Is Moringa Considered To Be An Electric Food?

  1. Thanks for that information about maringo. Never realized how nutritious. It really is. Just a warm tea up of maringo on .mornings. Strengthens and cleanses the body.

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