Living Healthy in Brooklyn


Hot lemon water has been around for years and is considered a healthy lifestyle habit to this day.

This citrus food is beneficial for health because of the nutrients it provides such as vitamin C, minerals, and fiber.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which aids in keeping the skin, bones, and tissues in good condition.

Minerals support bone/teeth health, boost energy production and maintains muscle function.

Fiber improves bowel health, cholesterol levels and regulates sugar level.

Drinking hot water allows signals to be sent to your digestive system so that it can prep itself for digestion. By infusing lemon into the hot water, enzymes are released creating an alkaline surrounding so that your body can begin its detoxifying process. Hot lemon water reduced stomach fat, detoxify the body, alkalizes the water and creates better digestion. This step is a way to prep your digestive system to withstand any foreign bodies or food that might be ingested throughout the day.

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