If you know Nessa, you’ll know that in my spare time I love to write, create new hairstyles, take photos, be creative, dance to soca music, read research papers and spend some quality time with my cat “Mars.” I was raised on an island known as the gem of the Antilles and moved to one of the busiest cities in the world, can you guess? Yeah, you guessed it! It’s NewYork City!

I am a Caribbean girl who grew up on a tiny island in the West Indies.  There is where I found my passion and my true self as a teenager. I Grew up in an extended family but spent most of my life with my grandmother who was always her own boss making a living from agriculture. Spending most of my time on the windward side of the island eventually pushed me to be active in local cultural activities such as folk dancing, calypso singing, and choral speaking. My 94-year old grandmother and my lovely mother who never disclose her age are my role models to this very day. They both instill the motto in me that “Hard work brings success” which I continue to live by daily.

I bartend at a well-known bar in Manhattan which serves the best ginger beer I personally think you can find in the city. I love my job because I enjoy branding myself, interacting with new people and creating a vibe which allows them to let their fun side out.  I am a college graduate currently working on attaining my Master’s degree so that I can further pursue my career in the medical field.