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As of recent I’ve been coming across a lot of side talks and articles surfing the internet about the unwanted use of fluoride.
First and foremost, before we proceed we need to know what is fluoride? Fluoride is a combination of Fluorine with another basic substance such as salt. keep in mind fluoride is different from fluorine(a highly toxic gas).
Fluoride is made in labs and is widely spread throughout our drinking water, mouthwash, toothpaste etc. Fluoride is added to water to prevent tooth decay NOT to improve its quality. All other treatments such as chloride improve the quality of water making it safe to drink. Fluoride is the active ingredient in toothpaste which “protects your teeth against tooth decay and to prevent dental diseases.”
Of course, there’s natural alternative measures you can use to prevent tooth decay such as “Oil pulling” a technique which has been around for years and the use of organic fluoride free toothpaste. Oil pulling is the basic repeated movement of coconut oil moving back and forth throughout your entire mouth for 15 mins every morning. Also, I will advise everyone to purchase a water filter to avoid the fluoride from the tap water or to buy natural spring water such as “Evian.” So now, do we really need a foreign substance to enter our bloodstream to prevent tooth decay? Hmmm, guess not!
Excessive use of fluoride increases the risk of several health concerns. The dose cannot be controlled seeing that a vast amount is added to drinking water, so it all depends on how much water each individual consumes.
Fluoride also blocks your pineal gland which is also considered to be the “third eye.” It is located at the center of the brain and is responsible for regulating sleep and aids in sending signals to and fro our nervous and endocrine system. The third eye also allows us to evoke a conscious mind with a sharp intuition, lowering your IQ (Intelligence quotient-the intelligence of a person).
Fluoride also contributes to a bone disease called Skeletal Fluorosis. This is when your bones and joints are hardened with little to no elasticity.
After learning the basic knowledge of fluoride, this should allow you to make a conscious decision whether or not you want to omit the use of fluoride from your daily routine.

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