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Do you think that attending college is the wisest decision for teenagers and young adults to make?

Personally speaking, I think that everyone should have a backup plan in life. What I won’t say is that everyone needs to be enrolled in school full/part-time in order to be successful. Many people went to college and are still not in their desired field and are struggling to meet their everyday needs. For some, it may be the wisest decision to attainĀ a college degree, for others, it may be learning a skill, interning, starting a business etc. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, which should be the guideline in decision making.

Also, following your true passion is the best decision anyone can make for themselves. By following your passion you will be doing what you love and love what you are doing. This is honestly the road towards success because you’ll be constantly sending off positive vibrations and happiness, become more intrigued and work much harder aiming to become the best in whatever you do.

However, I am a college student aiming to attain a degree in the medical field. My passion lies around saving lives and guiding people along a healthy lifestyle but I also have back up plans. S/O sum up the question, NO I do not think attending college is the wisest decision a teenager can make. The wisest decision a teenager can make is to take time to figure out what is their true passion and work hard towards achieving it.

5 thoughts on “Do you think that attending college is the wisest decision for teenagers and young adults to make?

  1. I personally believe that getting a college education is the gateway to any successful career for youths and young adults
    We are in a competitive world one must be knowlegeble of the obstacles and challenges that are ahead .college teachings would of course transfer
    Into active guidelines to career chosen. Education is the key to success

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